Triviathon Party Song

T - R - I, V - I - A, Triviathon is fun to play
You could win, you could lose, it's all based on what you choose
A or B, C or D, move as fast as 1-2-3... or zerooooooooh-yeah!
Old or young, smart or dumb, Triviathon's for everyone!


"My opinion is that this game will be successful. I must honestly say that I have never encountered any trivia games that did not require players to know specific answers to proceed and/or win."
   -- Kim Becker, GameBuilders, Inc.

"The world needed a trivia game that allowed everyone to play... No matter the age, the IQ or the sobriety.... It's truly a game for everyone."
   -- Richard Gottlieb, USA Toy Experts

"We played it all weekend! We just LOVE IT!"
   -- Kristi Lee, Bob & Tom Show

"I had no idea that when I bought this game that it would be my favorite game."
   -- John, Georgia

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"As a store owner, I have the opportunity to see a lot of games. This is an extremely unique game that is very creative and the result is a great game."
   -- Jimmy, Idaho

"It's a nice twist on the standard trivia game where someone with an encyclopedic mind is unbeatable and some poor schlub at the table might languish at the starting line for the entire game. The second twist adds immensely to the replayability of the game: your character."
   -- Michael Erb, Parkersburg News, Game Review

"I really enjoyed being able to buy a game that my entire family could play and enjoy together."
   -- Alicia, Utah

"I didn't know a trivia game could be so much fun. I've never played anything like it!"
   -- Garry, Tennessee

"I'm from Des Moines, Iowa and recently attended Mensa MindGames 2009, where Triviathon was a big hit. When the time came to distribute games to take home as door prizes, my wife and I selected Triviathon above over forty other games, and have played it with friends and family multiple times since. It's one of our most popular game closet staples."
   -- Dan, Des Moines Gaming Industry Examiner

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